Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey’s Story2018-01-23T22:11:28-08:00

Homes First Helps Kelsey Feel At Home

A year ago Kelsey was living in a bad situation. She lived with roommates that made her feel unsafe; she started experiencing severe anxiety. The anxiety got worse when Kelsey had to leave the house to protect herself. She bounced between homelessness and near homelessness for months, worrying the whole time about how and when she would find a safe place to live. She was spending nights sleeping on friend’s couches or in her car when she finally found a one bedroom apartment behind a house in East Olympia that she could afford. The unit had no kitchen, but she felt safe for the first time in over a year.

Even that was short lived though, when the landlord’s father fell ill she was told she had to move so he could move into the apartment. She spent weeks dealing with daily panic attacks while searching for a place she could afford on her own, and she found nothing. Kelsey was desperately searching for anything, and was even considering trying to find roommates when she remembered volunteering at a painting party for Homes First.

A week after calling the office and signing up for the Housing News Update at she received an email that a one bedroom apartment was available. She called the same day she got the email to make an appointment to see the unit. After a disappointing search she tried not to get her hopes up to high, but as soon as the property manager Mike opened the doors to the apartment, she knew it was for her. The size, the space, the fact that it had a kitchen! She was determined to move in, and a week later she signed the lease. Kelsey’s anxiety and stress levels have significantly decreased. She is happily living in her new home and says she “couldn’t have gotten into such a great place without Homes First.”