Jessica’s Story

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Jessica’s Family Life Has Changed for the Better

Jessica M. lived in a small apartment with her three children when her youngest son’s occupational therapist recommended she put a swing in her house to help with his autism disorder.  However, neighbors had already complained about the trampoline in her living room.  She knew that her son could not get the assistance he required if they stayed in that location.

Her kids, Jonathon (13), Sophia (7), and Isaiah (4), needed a house with a yard, but she could not afford it; she started researching. Information online was difficult to track down and not always easy to understand, but she eventually found her way to Homes First through the Housing Authority of Thurston County’s website.  From there her housing situation started to get better.

She made an appointment with Homes First Property Manager Mike Fouts, to see a property and when he showed her the house, she saw new possibilities for her children, especially her youngest. They moved in about a month later.   Jessica, now living happily with her kids in her Homes First home,  raves about how incredibly helpful Homes First has been.  She says specifically “Mike is awesome” She liked working with him to get connected to her new home and the new tenant basket that she received when she moved in. She has used everything in the basket already. She also really appreciates that “the Homes First staff are compassionate and understand her sons special needs, and what having a secure home means to her family.”

Jessica now sees her life and the lives of her children improve everyday as a result of her new home.  She looks forward to the coming years in a safe, clean, affordable home with a big back yard and a climbing tree. “I love that my kids have a better life here, there are more opportunities for them now” says Jessica.

Homes First is proud to be a part of making the lives of community members like Jessica and her children more stable and more enjoyable. We are also grateful for the backing we receive from our supporters who help to make stories like this possible.