The mission of Homes First is to provide safe, healthy, affordable rental homes for those who need them most.

Homes First is a CHDO organization.

A “CHDO” (pronounced “CHO-DOE”) is a Community-Based Housing Development Organization–a special status which the government grants to nonprofit community organizations engaged in housing development activities that benefit low and moderate income families. To become a CHDO, an organization must apply to its local city or county government (if the organization is located in an urban area), or the state (if the organization is located in a rural area). There are several significant benefits of becoming a CHDO, including access to government funding and property tax exemptions.

We Value:

Because it…


begins at home:  People who live in a home do better at work and are more engaged with the world around them.


begins at home:  Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school.  A home helps level the playing field.  Children deserve a chance to succeed in school and in life, which all begins with their family being able to afford a decent place to live.

Good Health

begins at home:  Healthy habits are more accessible when you live in a stable, affordable home.  Children get the healthy start they need.

Public Safety

begins at home:  When people have a home they can count on, a stronger sense of community keeps streets, neighborhoods, and communities safer.

A Strong Economy

begins at home:  At all income levels, people living in a home can afford more.  Local job growth and a strong economy start at home.  It should be possible for working people to afford housing and still have enough money for the basics like groceries, gas, and childcare.

It’s better for society, the environment, and families if people can afford to live close to where they work.  You need to start at home to realize the promise of a vibrant community.