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Table Heroes are responsible for ensuring their guests are registered. As guests RSVP with you, please ask them register online by thanking them and sending them the link. There are no tickets or costs, but pre-registration is encouraged. This helps us plan the event and communicate information directly with your guests. Guest registrations are requested by Sepetember 06, 2019 – but you don’t have to wait that long!  Register now and forget about it!

  1. Click here to access our online registration form.
  2. Fill out each field and submit the online form for EACH guest or ask them to do it by sending them the link ( Please ask them to include your name as the table captain for each guests. Please enter email and mailing information as requested. Homes First will use these to send thank-yous after the event.
  3. Please keep a list of your registrations on your computer or fridge or desk, so you can track who you have already registered. You do not need to register your entire table at the same time.
  4. If you need to remove a guest from your table, please email us at with your name and the name of the guest to be removed.
  5. You can continue to add new guests to your table through the online registration page until September 06, 2019.
  6. After September 06,  you can add new guests to your table by emailing the name of the guest(s) to
  7. Substitute Guests: You may substitute guests for those who cancel any time up to the day before the event. Please register these guests online through September 06, 2019 and email us any guest cancellations at
  8. Please call or send a pre-event reminder to your guests 1-2 days before the Breakfast.
  9. Please email with any questions.

VERY Important Note: If you have filled your table, please don’t stop inviting or recruiting more guests! There are always last minute changes and one of your guests may not be able to come that day after all. And, we can always expand give you another table, or place your extended guests at a nearby table with other delightful guests. Please keep spreading the word about our Breakfast!

Homes First will also support your outreach by sharing event communications with you and your guests, including:

  • Homes First will email your guest list about two weeks before the event to make sure we have everything right.
  • Homes First will send out a confirmation email to all registered guests prior to the event. The guest confirmation will include all important event information, like directions, timing and parking.
  • Homes First will mail thank you letters to all guests.
  • Homes First will send a sample thank you note that we hope you will find helpful so you can thank your table guests directly.
  • Homes First will also provide you with information to encourage your invitees who are not able to attend to make a donation in lieu of attendance. Your invitees that are not able to attend can still make a significant impact in the lives of children and families by making an RSVP no gift on our online donation page.

Reminder:  Homes First uses the online group organizing tool Workplace. You will receive an invitation from us to join our Table Hero group so we can help you help us!

Register Today!
Breakfast: 09.11.19


Contact Homes First’s Event Coordinator:

Anne Larsen


Watch this video from a past Heroes for Housing Breakfast and hear the stories of the impact a HOME Give Hope to so many.