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Bring your friends, your family and your co-workers together at the Heroes for Housing Breakfast

Bring your friends, your family and your professional group together at the Heroes for Housing Breakfast.Tables fill the room, speakers are powerful, and you can count on a lot of laughter – possibly even some tears. This is our primary fundraiser for Homes First and is an opportunity for all of us to give back and invest in generational housing. Invest in giving hope for brighter futures for everyone in our community through the most foundational need we all have – an affordable home.

You can become a Table Hero for Homes First and bring your friends and family — partners, sisters, parents, and co-workers — together for the Breakfast. It’s a fun and simple way to support Homes First.

Table Heroes invite guests to the Breakfast. You can also share a table and be a Co-Captain. Either way, there is no cost for the event to you or to your guests, but there is the expectation that guests will give a donation of support to Homes First.

Table Hero Commitment:

What does it mean to be a Table Hero?

  • Table Heroes commit to filling a table of eight (seven guests and yourself).
  • Table Co-Hosts commit to filling half a table (three guests and yourself). Homes First may be able to match you with another Co-Host, or you may recruit on yourself. The result is a table of eight guests and two Co-Hosts.
  • Invite your friends and family to celebrate as guests at a wonderful lunch, hear inspiring stories from our tenants and partners, and encourage them to plan to make a gift to Homes First at the event.

How do I sign up as a Table Hero?

It’s easy! Register to host a table or half table by signing up here as a table hero.

Once I am registered as a Table Hero?, what do I do next?

  • Once you are registered as a Table Hero with Homes First, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • We will provide you with the support and materials you need to invite your guests, remind and thank them.
  • Learn more about important dates and guest registration here.
  • Have guests to register for your table? Visit here to register your guests.
  • What to learn some tips and tricks? Find your Table Captain Tool Kit here.

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