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Support Tenants

Myth: People who live in affordable housing are lazy and selfish, often taking advantage of public resources with no intention of ever working their way out of poverty.

Fact: Many of the people supported through affordable housing are facing challenges (such as a disability or responsibility to care for children or ailing family members) that will never allow them to work. And in many cases, the ones that do work are considered to be part of “the working poor,” meaning they do work 40 hours a week, but still do not earn enough to afford market rate housing. And in some cases, our tenants come to us after losing a job and are not employed or underemployed and struggle to make ends meet every day. Homes First! supports the needs of every tenant, whether it is someone with a disability or someone who wants to live in a safe community for their children.

Need: For many of our tenants, affordable rental housing is their only option. Some tenants do succeed in transitioning into their own homes. However, for many of our tenants success is measured not by owning a home, but just by having a safe place to live that is not on the street. Some will never be able to own a home. At Homes First! our goal is to give tenants the home they need right NOW in order to meet their basic needs.

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