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Heroes for Housing Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

Please Contact Marge Price for information on how you or your business can support affordable rental housing and Homes First!

360-915-8176  | openingdoors (at )

 Organizational Sponsorship Opportunities Available Too!

For businesses and individuals who wish to give a little more to Homes First! and promote their organization, we have several sponsorship opportunities available:

Adopt-A-Home: $5,000 a year

You and your staff can give time and money toward supporting one of our developmentally disabled group-living homes.
Help financially to support the ongoing maintenance of the home and spend some time during the year pitching in to beautify the landscape or tackle a major project. Be recognized for your part in making decent affordable homes available to all.

Printing and Promotion Underwriter: $2,500 a year

Be recognized on our website and on all promotional materials you produce and help us increase our community outreach and fund raising ability. All non-profits must do outreach for donations and advocacy to stay viable.  You can be our printer and make sure we can increase our brand recognition!

Storage Underwriter: $1,500 a year

Our offices don’t provide enough space to store all the tools and equipment needed to maintain all our houses.  Nor do we have an adequate ‘workshop’ space for our staff to do maintenance prep-work.  Can you or your business spare us some space and in return be  recognized on our website and our promotional materials?

Care & Feeding Sponsor: $1,000 a year

Help us keep our volunteers coming back to helps by being a food and/or beverage sponsor. We can’t do what we do without the help of volunteers. We like to show our appreciation by ensuring the receive some sustenance while they work. You can help us do that and be recognized with signage at the food table/s and on our website.

Other Sponsorships Available

Please contact Marge for more information about other sponsorship opportunities and opportunities to be recognized for in-kind donations of services or non-monetary sponsorships.  360-915-8176