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Although we formed in 1990, like many long-timer renters, it took us many years to save up and be ready to be a home owner.  Although Oly Fed graciously leased office space to us for five years, they needed their space back and in May 2016, we started looking for a new place.

It didn’t take us long to find out that ownership was cheaper than leasing in the current market so we landed on what we believe is a perfect match for us.  A great space on Lacey Blvd that allows us to not only have our own office space that is 50% bigger than what we leased but it also has a space for three adults with developmental disabilities to lease from us.  A big WIN all round!

With a great deal of volunteer labor from our friends of WSECU, we now have a new, eye-catching space and have even been honored as the Lacey Chamber’s Business of the Month.

We hope you’ll drop in an visit and see what our new home is like.  We’d love to host you and show you around.