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From town houses to warehouses, just about any type of real estate asset can be donated to Homes First, and estate planners can help you structure a donation to provide tax benefits as well as income.

Perhaps the simplest way to donate is through a “straight gift.” Donors transfer title to a charity and take the full appraised value of the property as a tax deduction, eliminating brokerage fees and, of course, capital gains taxes.

You can also do a “bargain sale,” in which a property is sold to Homes First at below the fair-market value. The donor can deduct the difference between the fair-market value and the sales price, and the capital-gains tax is reduced.

As a nonprofit housing developer and landlord, we welcome these gifts and are well placed to make them a part of your legacy to our community‘s ongoing need for affordable rental housing.

You can be remembered for your lasting contribution to affordable homes and be a real Hero for Housing!

 Questions?  Contact Trudy @360-236-0920 or invest(at)homesfirst.org