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The first giving level, “Side Kicks” is a pledge of $1000 each year for five years, that’s around $83 per month. Your gift would let us provide access to homes for families like David and his family for the next five years.

Our 2016 Sidekicks Are the AWESOME:

Andrew Barkis

Mark & Marie Kitabayashi

Susan Lawson & Bob Swanson

The next giving level, our “Super Heroes” level, is a pledge of $5,000 a year for five years. You would allow us to invest in more homes for adults with developmental disabilities that need a caring and understanding landlord.

The HIGHEST level, “Justice League” is a pledge of $10,000 a year, again for five years. This will help Homes First buy the right house at the right time at the right price and start developing programs to serve new groups of tenants who are struggling to find affordable housing – like homeless veterans, seniors, or youth.

Many thanks to our Leader of the Justice League:

Olympia Federal Savings

Contact Marge Price to find out how you can Join the LEGION of HOUSING HEROES! 360-915-8176 OR