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Homes First is investigating a convenient alternative to nursing homes or retirement communities for low-income senior housing as well as low-income disabled, youth, and single (no accompanying children) housing.  We believe this is a viable alternative to apartment complexes and tiny homes.

This kind of housing could include Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on already existing Homes First properties or a community of cottage homes on a separate piece of land.

ADU:  Placed in the side or rear yard of the family home, theADU extends the warmth and inclusion of and existing neighborhood to an aesthetically pleasing, self-contained, and energy efficient dwelling. ADUs could also be designed to be attached right onto the existing house becoming an instant home addition. Cases have occurred when a zoning board would not allow a secondary dwelling to stand alone next to the main house but we are working our local jurisdictions to start planning for these kind of in-fill projects.


Cottages are perfect for an older or developmentally/physically disabled person who can no longer maintain a full size house, but who does not require nursing home accommodations. They allow the tenant to live in close proximity to other community members to interact whenever they wish.

Buying groceries, checking medications, visiting, and just keeping a watchful eye on a neighbor can be easy. And though they’re placed right beside a Homes First home, each household maintains its privacy and space.

Are you interested in learning more about how YOU can help us make this dream come true?  Contact Trudy at 360-236-0920 or ceo (at)