MJ and Bert At Home

//MJ and Bert At Home

MJ and Bert At Home

Karen Young 2014-09-09 015

Marsha Jean has been with us for almost two years. She was originally in an apartment but the land lady kept “wanting more and more money from her.” Marsha Jean is on a fixed income and it just wasn’t possible to pay any more rent. The land lady basically kicked her out and didn’t care what happened to her. She ended up living at the Salvation Army Shelter for 6 months. It was very noisy and not much privacy. Her companion bird Bert, a cockatiel, had to live with her sister during that time. She was on the Housing Authority wait list for two years before finally she got a call from Amy. At the same time her son was trying to find a place to live too, so she was very worried about him. Maybe he could share the apartment? He couldn’t decide and it went back and forth for a while. Being a good mom, she wanted to make sure he was OK, but at the same time she needed to get herself into a place. Marsha Jean and Amy talked on the phone many times a day trying to make sure all the paperwork went through the Housing Authority correctly and dealing with changes. Finally, she got to move into her one bedroom apartment, and her son got himself a place. She was reunited with Bert, the bird. The apartment has been great; the other tenants are friendly with each other and help each other out as best they can. “It has been a great two years!”

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