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Volunteers Help Homes First Do MORE Everyday

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Do you have time to give back to your community? Do you feel a passion for helping everyone find a clean & safe home to live in? Share your time & energy with Homes First! and serve the low-income community in Thurston County.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Skilled Trades (construction, plumbing, home maintenance)
  • landscaping & beautification
  • property management
  • painting
  • office assistant
  • fund raising
  • community outreach

To apply for any of our positions,  fill in our Volunteer application and email it to or call 360-915-8176 for more information!

 Benefits of Volunteering

There are numerous benefits of being a volunteer:

  • meeting a new people and expanding your social connections
  • learning new skills
  • exploring new neighborhoods
  • personal and professional development
  • gained sense of being a part of the community
  • satisfaction of contributing to the well- being of the community

Board Members

You may also contact us if you are interested in serving on a volunteer committee of the Board of Directors.