Homes First! property neighbor, Nathan Allan, says he “figured out that a home in his neighborhood was owned by Homes First! because it was one of the best cared-for homes in the area!”

Homes First! is proud to be a good neighbor.  The partnerships we have developed with individuals, service groups, and other nonprofit organizations provides safe, clean housing that improves neighborhoods.

David lives at one of our small apartment complexes.  He moved in, in September 2013 , after waiting for two years for a space to become available in our units.  For those two year, David who is clinically blind and lives with several physical disabilities, slept on a mat on the floor of his brother’s mobile home.  David tells us that having his own apartment has been his dream.  He can now live independently with a little help from his visiting support worker from the State.
Providing safe and affordable housing ensures that people who need homes are not on the street.   A caring and respectful landlord like Homes First! can make a  difference in many lives, allowing people to trampoline to success rather than struggle to survive.

We develop, own and manage affordable housing for low and very low income people in Thurston County, Washington State. Read more about us.
There are many ways you can help at Homes First!

  • Donate your time or money.
  • Volunteer your time and expertise.
  • Sponsor a home, event or the like as a business or family.

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Formed in 1990, we are a non-profit that owns and manages over 40 affordable rental units. Read more about us.

Our Programs

  • Project Based Voucher Homes – 17 Spaces in 10 Homes
  • Non Project Based Voucher Homes – 17 Spaces in 7 Homes
  • Oxford Houses – 38 spaces in 5 homes. 2 men’s home & 3 women’s homes
  • Group Living for Developmentally Disabled Adults – 9 homes with 29 spaces.
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